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A About Me

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Exhibition Manager

Roularta Media Group

Décembre 2011– Aujourd'hui (1 an 8 mois)Zellik, Brussels

As a result of the take over of Newbizz by Roularta, I'll keep up working on the biggest SMB trade show, Entreprendre- Ondernemen, wich is now the First Exhibition hosted by Roularta. With the media coverage of RMG we ensure a new boost of the show for it's 9th edition in March 2012.



Janvier 2010 – Aujourd'hui (3 ans 7 mois) Région de Bruxelles , Belgique

Sales - Marketing - Management Company
Specialised in Media, traditional and digital,
In sectors like SMB, ICT, Media and Advertising, IT Channel, ...and still discovering.
Related events and services

  • Entreprendre Ondernemen, the biggest smb Tradeshow/conference in Belgium with 10.000 visitors
  • Channel Awards, a 300 VIP networking event for the ICT Channel
Sales Director

Best Of Publishing

Octobre 1999– novembre 2011 (12 ans 2 mois) Région de Bruxelles , Belgique

In charge for advertising revenues for print publications, Online activities and Events & Seminars.
Sales & Marketing and Management for a large variety of products and services from Best Of Publishing and Newbizz

Sales Account - Business Dev

Best Of Publishing

Octobre 1999 – octobre 2004(5 ans 1 mois)

Sales of advertising spaces and formats in Print and Online publications in the ICT sector and new Media,

Marcom Coordinator


Février 1999– septembre 1999(8 mois)

Assistant to Marketing and Communication Manager. Daily support of sales team and planning the communication mix with editors. Organizing events and participation to tradeshows within the IT sector, TMAB, etc...